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Associate Professor. Elif DEMIRKILINC BILER



Instructor Dr Elif Aktekin



General Introduction of the Program


The program was opened in the 2000-2001 academic year. It provides education as formal education. In accordance with the relevant legislation of OSYM, it accepts students from the student selection exam with a YGS-1 score. The aim of the program is to train opticians, who are visual health technicians, who ensure the selection of vision instruments, their preparation in line with the specified and determined dimensions, and their adaptation to the patient, in accordance with the prescription prepared by the authorized specialist physician. The optician prepares, assembles, adjusts, and sells all kinds of prescription and non-numbered eyeglasses and frames, and is also legally responsible for the operation of optics establishments and the execution of the provisions of agreements with official institutions.


Program Profile:


• Optician branch courses and applications,

• Vision Optics, Ophthalmology and Contact lenses

• Basic Health courses; Public health, Physiology, Occupational Health and Safety, Behavioral Sciences

• Basic Science courses; Physics, Chemistry and Geometric Optics

• Business fundamentals courses; Business and Marketing Management, Accounting, Public relations, Professional ethics




Training Application Areas and Program Opportunities:


There is an optics laboratory equipped with machinery and equipment, where Applied Training is carried out, and an example of an optical store with all kinds of eyeglasses and frames. At the end of the 1st year, students attend 20 working days internship training in optical stores. In order to establish connections with the sector and increase the product knowledge of the students, technical trips are organized to the eyeglass and glass factories, and their participation in the seminars given by the experts in their fields is ensured. The materials used in the practical training of the program are provided with the support of professional non-governmental organizations and manufacturers-suppliers from the optical sector.




Occupational Profiles of Graduates:

Graduates of the program can work as responsible managers in optician institutions in the private sector or they have the right to open an optician establishment.




Transition to Higher Degree Programs:

In line with the relevant legislation of YÖK, they can transfer vertically to the Physics department, Optical and Acoustic Engineering department and Physics Engineering department.




Information for Prospective Students:


Conditions for the optional foreign language preparatory class:

There is no optional foreign language preparatory class application.


Conditions regarding internship, education model (how many semesters are applied in a year, practical training in sectors and enterprises, etc.), industry-based education internship, how practical training is carried out and whether internships can be done outside the province where the relevant higher education institution is located:

Education is completed in a total of four terms, two terms in a year. During the semester, applied trainings are given in the optician's laboratory within the institution. Summer internship can be done in all optician establishments in Turkey for 20 working days at the end of the second semester.


Conditions regarding clothing and equipment materials required by the profession:

Students are required to use aprons in applied training.


Cost of consumables, tools and equipment to be used in course applications, conditions regarding tuition expenses in return for exams, materials and education and training services:

Students are required to participate in laboratory practices with their own eyeglasses screwdriver set and acetate pen. Apart from this, there are no educational expenses.


The content of the program, the conditions of the campus/premises where the faculty, college and vocational school are located:

The program is located on the Ege University Bornova campus, in the Atatürk Health Services Vocational School building.


Conditions regarding opportunities to work as part-time students:

This opportunity can be used in accordance with the procedures and principles regarding the part-time student employment program of the Ege University Rectorate.


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