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Dialysis Technician Program




Assoc. Dr. Mumtaz Yılmaz







Dialysis Program, which was opened in 1999, provides education as formal education. Graduates of this program have the title of "Dialysis Technician". The aim of the program is to train health technicians who will work in dialysis units in the stages of taking the patient to the dialysis machine, follow-up and treatment, termination of dialysis processes, maintenance of the dialysis machine, as well as informing the patient and their relatives about dialysis treatment in diseases requiring dialysis treatment.


Program Profile:

Summer Practice, Behavioral Sciences-I-II, Anatomy, Biochemistry, Physiology, Microbiology, Patient Care Principles, Basic Dialysis, Nutrition Principles, Infectious Diseases, Surgical Diseases, Internal Medicine, Pharmacology, Nephrology, First Aid, Dialysis, Nephrology and Dialysis Practice-I-II, Pediatric Nephrology, Professional Ethics, Mental Health of Dialysis Patients


Education Application Areas and Program Facilities:

Ege University Medical Faculty Hospital Hemodialysis and Peritoneal Dialysis units are used in the applied courses of the students.


Occupational Profiles of Graduates:

Graduates of the program can work as technicians at centers specific to this field such as hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis centers, in institutions and organizations affiliated to the Ministry of Health. Dialysis technicians are needed in state, foundation and university hospitals. Private hospitals and polyclinics other than public institutions constitute a serious employment alternative for graduates of this program.


Transition to Higher Degree Programs:

It is possible to obtain a bachelor's degree by vertical transfer to nursing faculties or to the Department of Nursing of the faculty of health sciences.


Information for Prospective Students:


a. Conditions for the optional foreign language preparatory class:


We do not have an optional foreign language preparatory class.

b. Conditions regarding internship, education model (how many semesters are applied in a year, practical training in sectors and enterprises, etc.), industry-based education internship, how applied education is carried out and whether internships can be done outside the province where the relevant higher education institution is located:

The program is an associate degree program in which two-year, four-semester education is given. The courses are given theoretically and practically.

Ege University Medical Faculty Hospital Hemodialysis and Peritoneal Dialysis units are used in the applied courses of the students. Summer internship is 20 working days and is compulsory. For summer internships, students can also perform outside of İzmir, but it is the student's responsibility to provide the preliminary application and institution communication regarding the internship place. The approval of the program advisor is required for the official process to start.

c. Conditions regarding clothing and equipment materials required by the profession:

Students wear uniforms of one color, as approved by the hospital, and pay attention to their dress code and hairstyle during their clinical internships of applied courses.

d. Expenses of consumables, tools and equipment to be used in course applications, conditions regarding tuition expenses in return for exams, materials and education and training services:

Cost of consumables, tools and equipment to be used in course applications and tuition expenses are not requested from the students in return for exams, materials and education and training services.

e. The content of the program, the conditions of the campus/premises where the faculty, college and vocational school are located:

The content of the program, the contents of the campus/premises where the vocational school is located, are presented in detail on the websites of our University and Vocational School.

f. Conditions regarding the opportunity to work as a part-time student:

Part-time students can be employed in various units at the university.

Students who want to work freelance in the private sector should pay attention to the attendance requirements of the courses.

Current conditions regarding the opportunities for students to work as part-time students can be followed on the Ege University web pages.


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