Atatürk Health Care Vocational School


Program Coordinator and Lecturer.. Fulya ATALAY YALÇIN



Four-semester high-level education program aimed at educating the students who are able to recognize and implement different national and international educational programs and participate in normal and disability groups, with contemporary knowledge of education, advanced observation skills, creative and inquisitive thinking about preschool children. In the child development program, education is given as day and evening education.


Four-semester higher education program aimed at raising people with the necessary knowledge and skills, preparing  material (Puppet, concept and subject cards, story writing) that providing music, pictures, drama, gymnastics, computer training, pleasant time for the children who are in treatment at the preschool and private education institutions, playrooms in the children's clinics.


Program Profile:

• Child Development courses; Child Development, Child Nutrition, Child Psychological Health, Child Health and Diseases, Art and Creativity in Children, Children's Literature and Media

• Application in Pre-school Education Institutions

• Special Education and Practice in Special Education

• Learning and Teaching Techniques, Preparing Educational Materials


Program Facilities

There are equipped classrooms for material preparation and drama workshops for practice studies. Otherwise, the students are guided to the business association under the guidance of the universities, non-governmental organizations, pre-school teacher assistant / teacher assistant department in the field of education, occupational chambers and professional staffs and lecturers in the educational activities, employment opportunities and planning issues required by the program.


Employment Profiles of Accomplishments


In the direction of the qualifications graduated from the program that the students are employed in Rehabilitation Centers, Children's Clubs, Special Education Institutions, Pre-school education Institutions such as Kindergartens, Nurseries, Infant Schools that belonging to the Ministry of National Educational.


Access to Further Departments

In accordance with the relevant legislation of YÖK(Council Of Higher Education), vertical transition can be made to the Preschool Teacher Department, Child Development Teacher Department and Child Health-Development Teacher Department.