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Formal and 2nd Education Coordinator
Lecturer Ebru KALYONCU - ​​ebru.kalyoncu@ege.edu.tr
Formal and 2nd Education Advisor
Lecturer Fikriye ERSEL - Fikirye.ersel@ege.edu.tr
Distance Education Coordinator and Consultant
Lecturer Sevgi ÖZTÜRK - Sevgi.ozturk@ege.edu.tr
It was opened within the body of Ege University Atatürk Health Services Vocational School in 2013-2014 academic year. It provides education as Formal, Secondary Education and Distance Education. There are well-equipped classrooms where theoretical education can be made about the relevant courses and application areas for application studies in cooperation with the department protocol. Students are directed to cooperate with universities, non-governmental organizations, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, educational institutions, professional chambers and professional staff in the areas of teaching activities, employment opportunities and planning required by the program, under the guidance of academic staff. Disabled care technician is a qualified person who performs care and rehabilitation work under the supervision of expert personnel in centers serving disabled individuals.
Program Profile:
• Health Lessons
• General Care and Rehabilitation Lessons
• Disabled Care and Rehabilitation Branch Courses
• Disabled Care and Rehabilitation Practice Courses
• Lessons on Perception of Disability and Characteristics of Disability Groups
• Communication Lessons and Sign Language Lessons
Education Application Areas and Program opportunities:
There are well-equipped classrooms where theoretical education related to the relevant courses can be made, and application areas that have been cooperated with the department protocol for application studies. Ege University Faculty of Medicine and Special Education and Rehabilitation Center, which has been cooperated with by signing the Protocol, are the application areas.
Employment Profiles of Graduates:
Program graduates; They are employed in hospitals, special education and rehabilitation centers, branch centers, home care and inclusive education classes, as a result of their practice, which they have completed by carrying out care and rehabilitation work under the supervision of experts in centers serving disabled individuals.
Transition to Higher Degree Programs:
It is possible to obtain a bachelor's degree by making a vertical transfer to the Departments of Nutrition and Dietetics, Exercise and Sports Education for the Disabled, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, and Nursing.
Information for Prospective Students
a. Conditions for the optional foreign language preparatory class
b. Conditions regarding internship, education model (how many semesters are applied in a year, practical training in sectors and enterprises, etc.), industry-based education internship, how applied education is carried out and whether internships can be done outside the province where the relevant higher education institution is located.
Students; to be carried out in each semester within four semesters, in special education institutions (Disabled Care and Rehabilitation Practice I-II) and in the relevant departments of Ege University Medical Faculty Hospital (Disabled Care and Rehabilitation Practice III-IV). Moreover; During the summer period of the first year, a summer internship application is carried out to cover 20 working days. Students can do their summer internship in private education centers or care institutions that they choose.
c. Conditions regarding clothing and equipment materials required by the profession,
During both special education and hospital practices; Uniforms designated for healthcare professionals are used.
d. Expenses of consumables, tools and equipment to be used in course applications; Conditions regarding tuition expenses in return for exams, materials and education and training services,
e. The content of the program, the conditions of the campus/campus where the faculty, college and vocational school are located,
At the Bornova Ege University Campus; It is located in Atatürk Health Services Vocational School building.
Our students who graduate from our program, which started to accept students in 2013-2014, receive the title of "Disabled Care and Rehabilitation Technician". The duration of the program is 2 years (4 semesters) and 120 ACTS is required for graduation. In the Disabled Care and Rehabilitation program, education is given in the form of formal education and secondary education. Both with the application courses during the semester and with the summer internship application;
Person or persons in need of care and support services; To train qualified health personnel who can provide professional support services at home, public and/or private care institutions,
To learn the basic characteristics of disabled people and to provide support and improvement services by determining their care needs,
Observing the behaviors and attitudes of people with disabilities and increasing their adaptation to social life by organizing activities that can improve their abilities and skills,
To provide the support that disabled people need during their daily living activities, to gain knowledge and skills so that the individual can meet their own needs,
Being aware of its duties, authorities and responsibilities, the profession

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