Atatürk Health Care Vocational School



Coordinator and Consultant:

Assistant Professor Ali EKŞİ


The program was opened in 1994-1995 academic year. It provides education as formal education.

In accordance with the relevant legislation of the ÖSYM, students are accepted with the Higher Education Institutions Examination (YKS) Basic Proficiency Test (TYT) Quantitative Score.


Purpose of the program; It is to train qualified health personnel who can provide emergency medical care for the lives of patients or survivor in cases of sudden illness or injury.

The program graduates receive the title of First and Emergency Aid Technician (Paramedic).

Paramedics apply other emergency medical interventions within the framework of the authorities granted to them with Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support at the scene. At the same time, they can also drive the ambulances, which are emergency aid vehicles.


Program Profile:

In addition to theoretical and practical vocational courses, Basic Medical Courses (Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology), Physical Education and Bodybuilding, Information and Communication Technology, Collective Service Practices, Occupational Ethics and Communication courses are included in the program.


Program Fees for Implementation Training:

Models of Basic and Advanced Life Support

Air Line Opening Model

Birth Model

Simulation Kit

Ambulance equipment (Ambulance wheeled bed, Defibrillator, Laryngoscope, Ateller, Emergency bag, etc.) are available.

Employment Opportunities for Graduates:

• Ministry of Health Provincial Ambulance Service (112) In Ambulances and Command Control Centers of Head Physician,

• In the ambulances of the private sector, municipalities and universities,

• Emergency services of health institutions, which are private sector, university and public institutions,

• In air ambulances,

Access to Further Studies:

In line with the relevant legislation of the Higher Education Institution;

Emergency Aid and Disaster Management, Nursing, Health Management, Occupational Health and Safety, Social Work, Human Resources Management and so on. they can complete the bachelor's degree programs with the vertical transfer examination or the undergraduate health completion system.