Atatürk Health Care Vocational School




Prof. Dr. Cem Bilgen


Lect. Gulce Kirazli

The program started education in 1991. It serves formal education. The aim of the program is to train qualified health staff who will be able to carry out various tests for the diagnosis and evaluation of hearing loss and balance disorders. An audiometrist graduated from this program performs various subjective and objective tests using appropriate devices under the supervision of an expert to diagnose hearing loss and balance disorder of patients and records the patient’s hearing loss type and level and patient co-operation information obtained from the test results in a test form. The audiometrist participates in hearing screening programs, takes ear mold measurements for the hearing aid application, measures and adjusts the gain and output values of the devices considered suitable. The audiometrist gives necessary information to the patient and / or the patient relative about the process to be performed.

The Program Profile:

In the program, Audiometry major area courses such as Clinical Audiometry, Hearing Aids, Child Audiology, ENT Diseases, Principles of Audiology are given theoretically and practically. There are also Basic Health courses available.

Training Application Areas and Program Facilities:

The students have an opportunity to practice and do their summer internship in Phoniatry laboratory, hearing and balance disorders laboratory, hearing aid and cochlear implant research and application laboratory, 4 audiometry laboratories and hearing impaired students’ training unit located in Ege University ENT Department.


Employment Profiles of the Graduates:

The graduates can be employed in hospitals, universities and research centers, government organizations, special clinics, special education and rehabilitation centers, hearing aid firms for newborn hearing screening programs, detection, evaluation and rehabilitation of hearing and balance disorders, prevention of hearing loss in noisy environments, hearing aid application and rehabilitation.


Vertical Transition to Higher Level Programs:

Vertical transfer to the Departments of Audiology, Physics and Hearing Impaired Teaching could be possible in accordance with the relevant legislation of YÖK (Higher education institution).