Çerez Örnek

Operating Room Services



Coordinator and Academic Advisor:

Assistant Prof Gül Özlem YILDIRIM



Program commenced in 2012-2013 academic year and provides formal education. The aim of this program is to train qualified chirurgical staff who are needed in surgery rooms. Chirurgical technician is the personnel who, for the sake of operation to proceed safely, can support surgery team, prepare and arrange surgical equipments and consumables, organize surgery room according to the special needs of the particular operation.   

Program Profile:

Vocational courses rearding the surgery room are given both theoretically and practically. In addition to vocational courses, basic medical courses (anatomy, physiology, microbiology) are mandatory. Besides, elective courses such as first aid, gym class, communication skills, professional ethics, management in healthcare enterprises are given as well.   

Training Application Areas and Program Facilities:

Vocational school has an in-house laboratory and a medical procedure technical room. In addition, students can perform their internships at Training Hospital Operation Rooms.

For practical education, vocational school provides students with a surgery laboratory which has aseptic wash and dressing facilities, basic operational equipments, and consumables used in medical procedures. Consumables are provided within the context of vocational school budget or funds from scientific projects. Students have the opportunity to perform internship at central sterilization unit and surgery rooms that contain high technology equipments.


Employment Profiles of the Graduates:  

Graduates of this program can work as support personnel at Health Ministry, university hospitals, surgery rooms of private hospitals, endoscopy clinics, delivery rooms, and dental clinics.

Vertical Transition to Higher Level Programs:

Vertical transfer to the department of First and Emergency Aid and department of Nursery could be possible in accordance with the relevant legislation of YÖK (Higher Education Institution)

Information for Prospective Students:

a. Conditions for the optional foreign language preparatory class:

There is no optional foreign language preparatory class application in this program.

b. Conditions regarding internship, education model (how many semesters are applied in a year, practical training in sectors and enterprises, etc.), industry-based education internship, how practical training is carried out and whether internships can be done outside the province where the relevant higher education institution is located:

In thisprogram, internships are offered for all semesters. In order for students to graduate, they must complete a compulsory summer internship for 20 working days.

The theoretical courses of the program are given in the classrooms of the vocational school, and practice and internships are held at Ege University Medical Faculty Hospital.

Summer internships can be made outside the province where the higher education institution is located.

c. Conditions regarding clothing and equipment materials required by the profession:

Uniform, mask-bonnet, sterile gloves and visor must be used in the operating room. In addition, students can make practice related to the use of basic devices and instruments used in operating rooms.

d. Cost of consumables, tools and equipment to be used in practical courses, conditions regarding tuition expenses in return for exams, materials and education and training services:

There are no expenses for consumables, tools and equipment to be used in course applications, exams, materials and education services.

e. The content of the program, information about the campus/premises where the faculty, college and vocational school are located:

Consumables to be used in course applications are met by the directorate of our school. During the semester, applications are made in the Surgery Clinic, and then in the Operating Rooms and the Central Sterilization Unit. It is obligatory to wear a uniform during practice and internships. Occupational Health and Safety training and preventive vaccinations are mandatory.

Summer internship can be done outside of our college, provided that the program advisor approves.

Our school is in the Ege University Bornova campus and is close to the Faculty of Medicine Hospital.

Detailed information about Ege University and its Campus can be found on the official website of our university.


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